Let’s Celebrate Blackmoor Week 2018

Greetings, I wanted to write a brief post to help launch Blackmoor Week 2018 via my blog. I’ll be publishing a blog post on September 30th on my own birthday and then again on October 1st in celebration of Dave Arneson’s birthday . As those who’ve played Dungeons & Dragons since the beginning know Dave is one of the two founders of D&D, along side Gary Gygax.


Zeitgeist Games Blackmoor

First Fantasy Campaign

Judge’s Guild the first Fantasy campaign 

The crew over at Ruins of Murkhill who blog have decided to utilize our blogs to celebrate Dave Arneson & Blackmoor week 2018. We’ll be doing this every year as long as the forum lasts and I’ll likely do so as long as I blog about RPGs. I’ll keep this brief as I want to have things to say on the 30th.

Here are links to Day One posts:

The Gray Wolf Prowls Post

Xizallian’s Place Blog

Here Lurks the True Heart of the Black Raven Blog

Crimhthan The Great’s OD&D Blog

The Ruins of Murkhill – OD&D Blog (Founder & Former Admin/Owner of RoM Forums)

Well I’ll end this brief blog post so i can get it published tonight. Note some of the above posts are very brief and are just notices of the Blackmoor Week 2018 campign. Take care & I’ll see you soon, Fin.

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