Happy Birthday Dave Arneson


Greetings, in today’s post I cap Blackmoor week by celebrating Dave Arneson without whom the RPG hobby and Dungeons & Dragons would not exist – at least as it currently is constituted. Could D&D and the RPG hobby exist without Dave Arneson? No for the former, but possibly yes for the latter, but we’ll never know about that what if?

Dave Arneson was born Oct. 1st 1947 and like many of his contemporaries he was an avid miniature wargamer and a fantasy enthusiast. It was through wargaming that he met Gary Gygax a pivotal moment that eventually gave birth to our beloved hobby and its flagship game Dungeons & Dragons. Though the Blackmoor Campaign was the catalyst through which the spark of inspiration was born, Dave continued building upon its foundations – his game was in constant flux as Dave would tinker with his rules to meet the needs of his campaigns.

After leaving TSR Dave co-authored Adventures in Fantasy with another stalwart of the fledgling scene, Richard L. Snider (Powers & Perils RPG) and founded Adventure Games in 1980 and eventually co-founded Zeitgeist Games in 2002.   Dave would eventually go on to teach both computer game design & game rules design at Full Sail University until his death in 2009.

As I said in my previous post Dave Arneson was barely a footnote in my book when it came to the history of our hobby and it is sad that more hasn’t been done to celebrate his career in gaming but our hobby in general. I want to tip my hat to Dave Arneson, thank you for without your contribution to the hobby and game (D&D) I love; my life would be far emptier. May you rest in peace, happy birthday Dave.  Fin.

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