Soft Reboot of the blog announcement post

Greetings, it’s been quite awhile since I last posted on this blog, frankly I just didn’t have much to say. I had considered posting about the politicalization of the RPG/gaming hobby by Cultural Marxists, as is also happening to video games and comics, but frankly I didn’t want to go political on my blog. I wanted to keep this blog positive and not get mired in click bait as a lot of such blogs have become. As such I don’t want this blog to be all about bitching and moaning about the industry and state of the hobby.

I game to have fun and escape the real world and the issues we deal with in it. Whereas in comics and video games where you have corporate cultures and outside pressure groups vying for influence upon the mediums at play there; Tabletop RPGs are largely immune from them because of their very nature. Once you buy a RPG (especially a somewhat older one) you can play it as is and ignore any of the politicalization the corporation chooses to include in their future products.

This is something I love about the hobby and older editions of Dungeons & Dragons especially; they are largely immune from such BS. As long as you surround yourself with fun & and engaging people who share similar values & outlook you are golden. All the chatter on Facebook, the forums & Twitter is just noise that you can tune out if you choose to and have fun. I want this blog to be about having fun, not just another venue for politics and moaning about said politics.

Instead of bitching about things I cannot change in the industry I will be focusing on celebrating things I like about our beloved hobby. I’ll also be shifting focus from just general RPG discussions to also discussing other games I will play and even discuss non-gaming geeky pursuits I also enjoy. As such I’ll be rebranding this blog to ‘Musings of a Maverick Referee & HooliGeek’. This way I’ll have more to discuss while leaving my core RPG content for my ‘Musings about Original Edition Adventures’ blog. That doesn’t mean I’ll be dropping RPG content from here but the content I will post will be focused on RPGs like Classic Traveller and any other RPG I try out, like the Index Card RPG, Maze Rats and other rules-lite rpgs.

I want this (and my other blog) to be about celebrating having fun with the games and geeky hobbies we enjoy. We can make more positive change by supporting content we want to see from all mediums than just bickering online over things that are supposed to be escapist fun. So instead of being part of the cycle of drama I’m going to opt out of it and focus on the positive. This will apply to all my online discourse including that toxic cesspool called Twitter.

If there is something I don’t like going on in the industry or hobby, I’ll counter it by not fanning the flames but creating (hopefully) fun quality content and celebrating the content of others, if I can’t do so myself. I want you the reader to not have to worry about “will Matthew jump onto discussing some “controversy” or another?”. No, you’ll get content about things I enjoy and want to share, of which I’ll hope that you’ll also enjoy and choose to share with your friends. That means I have to step up my game, improve my content and try to be more frequent on my postings. Please take care and have fun, cheers.


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