A Fallen Eorðe: Into the Accursed Wastelands Part 3 – The Wonders of the Dimmhæðland

The Wonders of the Dimmhæðland


The Wonders of the Dimmhæðland are many and of varied nature. The highest concentration of these wonders lies within both the Blōdwēstig and the six mountain ranges, which are wonders in and of themselves.

  • The Greāthellīcwyrmbeorg – The Greāthellīcwyrmbeorg is a cluster of two gigantic mountains surrounded by bleached white hills protruding from the blood red arid soil if badlands. The tallest is a smooth stone tentacle shaped mount, while its companion looks like a scaled reddish-brown and bleached white coil of a serpent with sharp white spurs along its spine and greenish “eye-like” caves along both sides of its coil. In the center of the bottom of its coil is a deep pit that has a wide and tall dark green stone staircase that coils down into its depth – it is named the Grēathelleduru (the Great Hell Gate) it is the largest of the eight that dot the whole of the Dimmhæðland.
  • The Blōdigbrecðaroderssweord – North of the Hellīcwyrmbeorg floats a gigantic rusty and bloody broken sword, known as the Blōdigbrecðaroderssweord. Nobody knows of its origins nor why it perpetually drips blood into a blood-filled recess in a patch of badlands forming a bloody lake (Blōdiglagu).
  • The Dēofoleotenbānhæð – The Dēofoleotenbānhæð (Devil Titan Bone Wastes) is home to a gigantic half submerged skeletal remains of an infernal titan. Three blood red stone shards hover above the skull of the titan. Infernal Ettin-kind (Hellīceotancynn) haunt the region in bands.
  • A Grēatwyrmheāfodbān – A Grēatwyrmheāfodbān (great wyrm skull) hovers above the northern stretch of the dried salt riverbed (Sūðsælteā).
  • The Seven Hellīcwyrmbeorg – There are seven smaller Hellīcwyrmbeorg (Infernal Wyrm Mounts) that dot the Dimmhæðland and nearly identical except in size to the Greāthellīcwyrmbeorg of the Blōdwēstig. (See above for further details)
  • BlæcglæsBlæcglæs (Black Glass aka obsidian) shards protrude from the dark reddish-purple grasses of both the Blæchæð and the Deorcmearc, and to a lesser degree the lowest reaches of the Gryndæl. These blæcglæs shards erupt in small clusters ranging in size but are universally sharp along their notched edges. Any blood from cuts caused by their edges is absorbed by the blæcglæs and it begins to eerily thrum lowly. One out of the cluster, often the largest is always covered in runes that can cause madness in those who spend too long looking at or reading them. These are called Wōdrūnglæs (Fury Rune Glass).
  • BlæcmarmanstanBlæcmarmanstan (Black Marble Stone) like the blæcglæs shards dot the Blæchæð, the Deorcmearc and lower Gryndæl. Some are in stone rings or clusters, while others are spread sporadically through these regions. Those found in clusters are always covered in Wōdrūn (Fury Rune) inscriptions, glyphs and sigils. These stones emanate an aura of foreboding wrongness and under the full three moons they throb and moan.
  • The Isernholt – The Isernholt is a vast woodland of predominately of Isern-trēow (Iron Tree) a blackish-grey wooded tree with blue-grey bark and silver edged grey needles, as well as Bræs-trēow (Brass Trees) a bronze wooded brass colored needle leafed trees that are twisted into weird shapes. Isern-trēow are extremely hard to cut down but its branches can be cut and carved into clubs, hafts for tools and weapons and even swords (though only few know the secret of doing so. Its sap is a black-blue “greasy” liquid toxic to ingest but can be used to grease machinery and oil weapons and armor. It is home to Iserndeor (Iron beast), six-legged cat-like beasts with silver tinged black-grey fur. They are found throughout the Isernholt often solitarily or in pairs. Various other Deor (beasts) great and small make the Isernholt their home as well.
  • Three Sky Islands – There are three floating islands that were ripped from their bases leaving shadow cloaked water filled cavities behind. Two have ruined towers on their sides.
  • The DēofoleotanheāfodbānbeorgThe Dēofoleotanheāfodbānbeorg (Devil Titan Skull Mountain) lies in the southern tail of the Wælfelbeorg Mountains and is rumored to be home to a coven of witches.
  • DeorbeorgDeorbeorg (Beast Mount) is in the shape of some multi-eyed serpentine beast head. A Draconic worm lair inside its “head”.
  • Wæpenbeorg (Weapon Mountains) – There are five Wæpenbeorg that dot the Grymmandūn Mountains. An axe-shaped one, two sword-shaped (that appear to be crossed) and a hammer-shaped mount lie in the center of the massive mountainous range and a single sword-shaped mount that looks to be crossed with a multi-eyed tentacle in its southern tail as it turns into the Gryndūn Hills.
  • Greātwyrmheāfodbānbeorg – There is a Greātwyrmheāfodbānbeorg (Great Wyrm Skull Mount) northeast of Last Hope, it is home to a nest of wingless lesser drakes who hunt the plentiful eotan-cynn (Ettin-Kind) that haunt the mountains and hills nearby, for some unknown reason they do not molest the city of Last Hope or any hunters or woodsman that they cross paths with.
  • The Twined Tentacles – The Twined Tentacles are multi-eyed tentacles that cross each other. A lesser Helleduru lies between them, but unlike the others it is only active every third phases of the full moons.
  • A gigantic Blæcstan-eotan – A gigantic Blæcstan-eotan (Black Stone Ettin) wanders the region from time to time. On its stony back sits a twisted black stone tower. When it moves it forms black wings and flies to its next destination, before crouching down like a tall black stone hillock with a tower on top.

That is all of the numerous and varied wonders of the Dimmhæðland but that said there are far more in the areas beyond the regions borders on this accursed planet. Well I’ll end this installment in my Post-Apocalyptic Science-Fantasy campaign setting. In my next installment I will be focused on the various races that populate the region. Till then please take care, especially my fellow West Coasters who are braving the fires and accused smoke. Fin

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