Undertown – Adventures in a World of Giants – brief introductory post

Greetings, in this post I will be introducing YET another setting project…I just can’t help myself. I got to keep myself sane in this chaotic and uncertain time that we live in. That all said, I am not sure if I will follow this post up with a series, but I wanted to share the basic premise anyway.

I still have my other projects to work on so this one isn’t a high priority, but I was inspired by a Twitter by a dear friend of mine, Haven. So, here is the brief introduction I typed up.

Undertown – Adventers in a world of Giants


Undertown – Adventures in a World of Giants is a fun mini setting inspired by memories of my mother reading The Littles and The Borrowers books to me and my younger sister, as well as watching the Borrowers live action film, Arthur & the Invisibles, Epic and the Spiderwick Chronicles film in recent years. It is also inspired by my cherished friend Haven and a post she made on Twitter concerning the OSR’s tendency to favor Human centric settings. I took it as a challenge to create a different kind of setting and a system to run it. I cannot thank Haven enough for their friendship and inspiration. Maybe this can be a form of thanks to them.

I love a variety of fantasy and sci-fi, including stuff like Miceguard, the Mossflower series, Tangled, Brave and mid-level fantasy novels (especially the illustrated ones). Though I am far more known for my Grim Dark Post-Apocalyptic Science Fantasy and Sword & Sorcery settings, I do like some “Fluffy Bunny types of fantasy and sci-fi, though Grim Dark Two-Fisted Adventure fiction is still my go to.

In a world of selfish and all to often destructive Giants (Humans & their animal companions) the denizens of “Underworld” and rural expanses have to navigate a world hostile to them and often corruptive and poisonous as well. Hobs, Gnomes and other small Fey folk are forced to dwell in Undertown or their ancestral homes if possible. Undertown is but one such “Under City”, a safe haven for these diminutive mortal Fey Folk.

If it wasn’t bad enough to live besides Humans and other various animal potential threats, Hobs and the like must be wary of their Dark Fey kindred and Trolls. So, these beings must be cautious and cunning to survive in this world of Giants.

Has anything gone unexplainably missing or ended up somewhere unexpected? Could it be Hobs? Perhaps, or perhaps not. I wager that it is Hobs, Gnomes or another kind of domestic house Fey, but that is just me.


Ezra Caleb West,

Chronicler of the weird and phantastic.  

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