Yet Another Project? Yes.

Greetings, as the title teases – “Yet Another Project? Yes”. If you follow me on Twitter last night (Jan. 9th 2021) I posted a few images that were VERY vague with the title “What ever is Ezra up to?”. At the time I was mucking about and brainstorming, yet at the same time a seed of an idea was forming. What initially began as a proper Sci-Fi expansion for my TTRPG – Adventures Grim & Perilous was slowly morphing into something quite different. A potential skirmish-based game with RPG elements. This project might sputter and die as others have, or reach fruition and be published.

Do we need yet ANOTHER Sci-Fi skirmish-based war-game? No. Does this stop new games being developed and released? No. Will mine succeed where others failed? Who knows? As with my TTRPG project this is a labour of love, not an attempt to make money or attempt to unseat Games Workshop as King of War-Gaming.

I am creating the game I want to play and hopefully play a few close geeky creative bohemian friends of mine. If others buy it and play, great…that is a wonderful bonus. 3D printing is such a boon.

Even though it is not technically an expansion of my TTRPG, it is a spinoff of one of its supplemental settings – ORD CHANOTH. ORD CHANOTH was designed with the POSSIBILITY for Skirmish level war-gaming in mind. You’ll play as either rival military factions of the Gaian Imperioum or Alien Survivor factions – think WH 40k Imperial Guard, especially if you’ve read Dan Abnett’s wonderful Gaunt’s Ghosts series of novels. Though part of the same Imperium, they often conflicted over petty one-upmanship or other nefarious reasons.

As I was composing the initial documents, I had tried to create military designations based on their specialties but it became redundant. I’ll be devising thematic meanings for the faction acronyms tying them into the ORD CHANOTH setting.

Also, I’ll be using my, soon to be acquired digital art skills – both in illustration, logo graphic design and 3D sculpting to experiment and hone those said skills developing the setting in a thematic manner. Whereas I’ll commission established artists for my other supplements I want to do the bulk of the work myself.  

I learn best if I have a personal goal tied to skill acquisition, it helps keep me motivated to learn and practice – so the skills stick. I have been inspired by Hankerin Ferinale of Runehammer Games and Diogo Nogueira of Old Skull Publishing in both their game design efforts and illustration output.

Whereas in ORD CHANOTH you simply play as group of survivors of various Imperial factions united in an attempt to survive and either get off planet or create a lasting community – this project on intact or largely intact squads from the various Imperial rival factions or Alien squads or native alien creatures or other hazards.

IF this project reaches completion and there is interest in it, I may develop a fantasy version rooted in one of my setting supplements and possibly another post-apocalyptic sci-fi setting and spinoff skirmish game.

Another aspect of this game that you may or may not have noticed – the choice in Imperial Faction names.

  • W.O.T.A.N. Jäger Korps – German
  • P.E.R.U.N. Spetnaz Korps – Russian/Slavic
  • M.A.R.S. Arditi Korps – Italian
  • H.A.C.H.I.M.A.N. Tokushusakusengun – Japanese
  • O.G.M.A. S.A.S. Korps – British

They are inspired by major factions during and after WWII (Yes, I’ll be including an American based Faction). This is rooted in my gaming inspiration – be it Mutant Chronicles, Heavy Gear, Konflikt 1947, Dust ’47 and the like. Another thing you may or may not have noticed is the deity base for the faction name. It just felt right to derive faction names from deities with a warlike aspect to them to represent them in the thematic flavour I was going for.

That said, not all factions will follow that naming pattern – especially the American, the escaped prisoner faction (they will be special) and of course the various Alien Imperial Factions.

Some folks may balk at the above because of their sensitivities, but for fans of my (work meagre as it is so far) and fans of the games that inspire it – I have no worries. I create for my own enjoyment and for those gamers that are openminded concerning such things.

Before I end this post and publish it, I wanted to introduce the running title of the project – ORD CHANOTH – STRIKE FORCE.

Well, I’ll end this as I need to eat and run errands. Please take care and be kind to each other. Fin.  

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