Yet Another Brief Update

Greetings, I am in a bit of a flux of late and decided that some restructuring needs to occur – NO I am NOT killing the blog or ending development of my TTRPGs. I am simply reworking how I will move forward so I can better use my time both for blogging, TTRPG development, work (hopefully soon) and training this May. I’ve been neglecting my other geeky blog and don’t want that to happen to this one or my just launched Star Wars based blog. So, something needs to change so that I can get back into a properly productive mindset and blog more, as well as do more development on my TTRPGs.

How will I do this?

  • Blog once a week on ALL my blogs ON a set schedule. Wódenesdæg for this blog, Mónandæg for my upcoming Personal Political/Spiritual blog, Frígedæg for my Forgotten Realms-Greyhawk Revised Campaign Blog, Sæternesdæg my Star Wars Blog and finally, Sunnandæg my newest upcoming blog – my currently unnamed ICRPG 2e & 5e Hardcore Mode oriented blog.
  • This blog will shift focus to being a development blog for my TTRPGs and occasional discussions of comics, manga, anime, light novels and video games – I am getting my Nintendo Switch on Mónandæg.
  • I’ll endeavour to spend at least an hour a day or evening in TTRPG development.
  • I’ll spend an hour or two practicing digital art every other day.

Instead of trying do multiple posts every week for one or two blogs, then neglect the others; trimming down post frequency and having a set posting day shall (I hope) help keep me focused. Why so many blogs? I am sick of cluttering up this one with my other projects and giving them second (or third) billing on this blog. Hopefully, I can start the blog schedule starting next Mónandæg. If not then, I’ll do so the following week for sure.

The rest of this week will be focused on working on and finalising my branding imaging for my new blogs and likely this blog as well. Once this is done, I’ll begin composing the posts in turn so they are ready for publishing on their scheduled day.

Just note that in May, all my blog posts WILL be likely brief affairs, as I’ll be doing training to be a Wellness Support Specialist. Training will take priority to my blogs, as the training will assist me in beginning a career as a Peer Support Specialist. I’ll also have to take driver’s training so I can get my license and car for work AND independence purposes.

Beyond the above, I need to get some new shoes and boots, a new jacket or two and new TV – my old one died. I also, need to get EITHER an iMac OR a PC – I love my iPad, and I hope to have it replace my Laptop as my go to writing and mobile workstation.

That being said, I want to get into freelance digital map making – both hand-drawn and via a program. I also need something better suited to 3D art/sculpting programs and desktop publishing. I have to decide IF I should stick with the Mac ecosystem or get a PC with Affinity suite of programs so I can easily cross platform with my Affinity applications work. I need to figure out WHAT I NEED computing wise to run each program I get at near full optimisation IF possible.

I am not in a hurry on that, I am just going to muse about it and explore all my options. Well, I have errands to run so I will end this post and get it published and shared before I head out. Please take care and be kind to each other. Fin.

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