Projects and Blog Update

Greetings, yet another belated missive. My mental health has gotten in the way of both my blogging and game development. If you follow my blog and Twitter account you are aware that I am a font of ideas. That being said, some of those ideas though appealing to me at the time rarely hold my interest…not from lack of want, often I have issues figuring out how best to implement them properly. Adventures Grim & Perilous is still in development, as is its default setting of Xothun. The “Orwereald” project is on the backburner as it will be more esoteric in nature and as such, I need time to brainstorm how I want the game and default setting to develop and play.

Ord Chanoth and a few of my more gonzo settings are on infinite hiatus at the moment as I decide how I want to move forward with them. VAL KARTH died as a setting as it was initially envisioned. I want to keep core elements (such as the sleeping Titan, though he’ll slumber in the remains of the primary moon instead.

The Anime inspired TTRPG and setting died, though I love the idea of playing in an Anime inspired game I just have a hard time envisioning HOW to implement it. I have flirted with creating a setting inspired by Trash Mob Minis, and yet I hesitate as though it appeals to me I am not sure that it’ll appeal to others.

One thing I do know is I want to create a fun tongue-in-cheek fantasy setting. My old Skârn setting I used for both 5e D&D and my Rolemaster United play test campaigns was meant to be a Metal inspired “Beer N Bud” type setting loosely inspired by Brütal Legend video game (at least its visual aesthetic) yet morphed into a hybrid of Talislanta inspired gonzoness and trad D&D tropes. Not what I wanted, but I convinced myself I could only do deeply developed and “realistic” settings.

Was Skârn a bad setting? Not at all, I still love it and its potential, it just wasn’t what I was I was shooting for when I initially began to develop it. I may go back and revise it at some point, with a proper set of maps, since the initial maps though I like them I they didn’t turn out as I had initial sketched it out.

So, if the anime setting/TTRPG and Skârn are not going to be developed what will take their place?

Before I get to that, I want to discuss what prompted this in the first place the Blood Bowl Season Two review by Ash of Guerrilla Miniature Games channel (link here) especially the bit on the art style at starts at 5:32. It was this part of the review that 1) convinced me to buy Blood Bowl Season Two and 2) resurrect my long slumbering desire to create this campy and gonzo setting (TTRPG?).

Now, to the code name for this project is “Yagmoon” (Yes, I am reusing a name for a past potential project”. I’ll post more about it in a future missive, as I am still brainstorming it. I am not sure if it’ll have its own system or be used with 5e Hardcore Mode, ICRPG 2e or some other OSR system, I am still thinking about that.

Concerning my blogging, I had planned to blog nearly daily every week on a different blog on a specific day. Since, I deleted one of my blogs and decided to cover my AG&P development, comics, anime, miniature games, 5e Hardcore Mode, ICRPG 2e on this blog. I’ll still post weekly on my Star Wars Adventures into the Outer Rim blog and my future personal blog where I discuss my personal, spiritual and political evolution. I’ll be sticking with the weekly post schedule for all three blogs. I’ll launch a Publishing Company blog, where I’ll posting about my own TTRPGs, comics and Zines in the future.

That blog will also be where I post updates on any settings, games, mapping and zine in development; as well as my future YouTube Vlog and Podcasts. Posts on this blog be more frequent as it’ll cover official content for my Publishing Company.

The Vlog will cover miniatures, games I publish, mapping and video game streams.

The Podcasts will be discussing Geeky topics and potentially my own solo play campaign podcast.

The above will only be launched ONCE I have reached the pre-publishing phase of development of AG&P and launching my Patreon to fund editing and art commissions. Patrons will get first access to updates and at higher levels access to play testing and access to stuff like pins, vinyl stickers and monthly hand drawn mini maps.  

Well, I’ll close this so I can get it published and shared. Please take care and be kind to each other. Fin.

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