Update on my TTRPG Projects

Greetings, sorry for the lack of content I have been mired in a pit of depression and self-loathing the last month. Yet, the break gave time to revaluate the direction that I was going with my TTRPG products, including Adventures Grim & Perilous. So, in the missive I’ll focus on what changes that I am implementing going forward.

The first decision that I made was that I’ll focus on two interrelated TTRPGs. Like with both Palladium Books did with their line and Monty Cook Games has done with their line, I am using the Adventures Grim & Perilous System as the core to my various future TTRPGs. There will be one exception, that being my “Orwerearld” project. It will be its own thing.

The second decision I made, was go back to my original idea for Adventures Grim & Perilous System (AG&PS) – it was meant to emulate a fusion of Chainmail and OD&D, with some bits inspired by both 1e AD&D and Talislanta 1e. Note I said, “EMULATE” – as such, this will NOT be yet ANOTHER retro-clone of OD&D; as there are enough of those on the market. Instead, I seek to emulate the core tropes that is brought to mind when I think of Chainmail, OD&D, and AD&D 1e –

                 Exploration, deadly combat and Vancian Magic.

Though I will keep my other project ideas and eventually go through the project folder and work on them once the Adventures Grim & Perilous System and it’s first TTRPG powered by it – VAL KARTH (2.0) TTRPG.

                        VAL KARTH – Adventures into Savage World

The development journal posts for VAL KARTH that I will be publishing here on this blog, will be the only project that I’ll discuss here and on my Twitter account. That said, I’ll post reviews on indie TTRPGs that I buy when I have time to read through them.

Before I end this missive, I’ll give you all a general idea what VAL KARTH will be like, as well as the AG&PS that powers it. I’ll start with Val KARTH as a setting.

                               VAL KARTH – The Known World

VAL KARTH is inspired by the default IMPLIED setting of OD&D, yet seen through the warped imagination that resides in my skull. Toss in inspirations such as late ‘80s to mid ‘90s 2000AD and White Dwarf, plus the sonic pollution of Hardcore Punk, Extreme Metal and Underground Hip Hop that inspired me growing up and continue to be the soundtrack for my tormented existence. Another two influences on VAL KARTH and AG&PS, are Talislanta 1e/2e and my friend, Black Dragon Games and his on game he is developing.

Whereas VAL KARTH is inspired by the implied default setting of OD&D it is more the Gonzo implied aspects of the implied setting that I am drawing from. In VAL KARTH there will be NO Elves, Dwarfs, Halflings; nor will there be Goblins and Orcs. That being said, future TTRPGs that are also powered by AG&PS will include those races, just not VAL KARTH. I want to take inspiration from Talislanta and create my own cultures, fauna and flora that populate VAL KARTH, as I used to do back in the day.

                            Adventures Grim & Perilous System

The Adventures Grim & Perilous System at its core is something I wanted ever since I delved into OD&D and Chainmail back in the fall of 2018. Yet, it also takes into its DNA elements inspired by the 1e AD&D posts by Black Dragon Games and my memories of Talislanta. Again, AG&PS and VAL KARTH simply EMULATE OD&D, Chainmail, BDG’s wonderous house rules and blog posts; as well as the Gonzo-ness of Talislanta. As I said before, I do NOT want AG&PS or VAL KARTH to be a retro-clone of my influences, simply emulate their spirit.

Though, I do not have anything locked down – besides the use of archetypes over “Classes” and “Races” as presented in OD&D, AD&D and even Chainmail, tis something that has been 100% firm since I began developing AG&PS. The other thing is how alignment works in the game. Like in OD&D, AG&PS and VAL KARTH are rooted in the 3 Alignment Axis – that said, how it is implemented will be rooted in my OWN interpretation of Law-Neutrality-Chaos and what it means for the settings that are powered by AG&PS. I’ll discuss that in my next missive.

Time to watch some Clone Wars and then go to bed. So please everyone take care and be kind to each other. Fin.

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