VAL KARTH update

Greetings, in this missive I wanted to discuss how the system is developing. I hit a creative block system-wise of late. I think that my desire to have the core system that powers VAL KARTH derived from OD&D and Chainmail was becoming a drag on my development progress.

The more that I tried to force it the more stuck and dissatisfied with the direction it was going in. I was so trapped in the mindset that the Adventures Grim & Perilous System must be rooted in OD&D that it was killing my interest in the project.

It began feeding my depression that I found myself mired worse, as I was feeling like a failure and a fraud. It started to effect my blogging and desire to draw.

I have come to the conclusion that IF I am going to continue developing my TTRPG, that I needed to drop my allegiance to OD&D and related systems and create a system that fits the type of game that I want to run.

Not only that, I also needed to reevaluate IF I wanted to create a system to power other games as I initially planned or one custom made for VAL KARTH. I chose the latter, the Adventures Grim & Perilous System is no more.

So, moving forward I will only be developing VAL KARTH and my Faerun-Kara-Tur projects at this time. This won’t affect my Star Wars blog as it isn’t solely focused on gaming.

Though I am still in the brainstorming phase of this current iteration of this project; I do have a few ideas for the system that I want to share.

A series of questions from Kerc (Dice, Pencil, Paper) had brought up concerning my previous post on combat for Adventures Grim & Perilous stuck in my head. Frankly I couldn’t figure out how to make the system work as I Initially described it.

A Twitter post by WhiteHackGames about opposing rolls chart got me thinking about something Kerc said about Opposing Rolls.

As I sat staring at my laptop screen I had an epiphany, VAL KARTH will not work in the way I want it to if shackled to OD&D and Chainmail. So, how was I going to move forward then?

Simply put, I decided that VAL KARTH needed to be a percentile system. One in which characters progress as they gain experience. One where combat was based matching and beating one’s opponent’s Combat Prowess.

Armour soaks up damage unless you roll a Natural 100. One’s Combat Prowess can NEVER get above 90%. A Natural roll of 100 means damage automatically passes armour and delivers a critical.

Whereas combat is rolls equal to or greater than your opponent’s Combat Prowess; not all rolls follow suit.

Skills are tied to one’s Attributes, the higher that your Attributes are the easier it is to succeed, Attributes also max out at 90%. They can also be increased by expending XP.

There are two types of Skill Check: Opposed and Unopposed. Picking Locks is an unopposed roll; though it can be modified based on condition of the Lock and Picks.

Sneaking passed a Guard is an Opposed check; though various conditions can modify the roll as well. You roll vs. their Awareness Attribute.

If they are asleep, THEY incur a penalty by having their Awareness Attribute lowered to a minimum of 10%. If you roll a 1-9% they awaken and must make a Perception Roll to notice you UNLESS you are in the open.

So Picking Lock is an Unopposed Dexterity Check, modified by the quality of the Lock. If the lock is new and of standard make, the roll is unmodified; whereas if the lock is Rusty or Complex, there is a penalty incurred,

Well, I think that this enough for now. I still have some stuff to brainstorm about concerning these mechanics and how to best implement them and progression and what various conditions will modify them.

Please take care and be kind to each other. Fin.

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