Oldhammer WAS Wokehammer Chuds!

Greetings to another missive from yours truly, in this post I’ll be covering a topic that has become dear to me. I’ve been a fan of the settings of both Warhammer Fantasy and 40k since their inception and the first articles were published in White Dwarf. One of the people I follow on Twitter has been struggling against WH Gatekeepers for a while. I’ve grown fond of her and her family. They represent the best of our shared hobbies, and it chaps my hide to see her given shit because she is Black, a Woman and openly progressive.

I have to admit that I haven’t always been the best of human beings, and frankly I have been a “Chud” from time to time. I was moving away from my old beliefs and in my last fits as a “Right Winger” I at times got upset at what I THOUGHT (albeit wrongly) was the unnecessary politicisation of our hobbies. What was simply a desire by marginalised folk who were either new to our hobbies or older guard (trying to be true themselves after sometimes decades closeted as Queer, Nonbinary or Trans) wanting to simply be represented in the hobbies they adored…. was wrongly deemed “political” by reactionaries, including myself.

Things changed after my mom passed away and I met a new dear friend who helped inspire me to embrace myself, which led to an evolution both politically and spiritually for me. I had just came-out after my mom passed away, just before becoming homeless for several months. My friend along with my homelessness and health issues (both mental and physical) caused me to truly revaluate my beliefs and found the wanting. This led me to reconsider what else I might’ve been wrong about.

With a renewed sense of self and a desire to improve myself in all facets of life I was ready to truly get back to the things that I loved but denied myself ever since I began taking care of my mother during her last several years. I got back into comics and wargaming hobbies.

Having a younger brother who is a wargaming fanatic and awesome hobbyist, it was only natural to find myself drawn back to the Warhammer Fantasy and 40k hobbies again. Though not exactly happy with the changes to aspects of them, my new point of view as embrace what I did and let others embrace what they liked. Being never one to become tied to any corporate offering, helped me shed what minimal “Chudness” still lingering in my mind.

Part of this was following the massively creative Inquistor28/Necromunda28/AoS28 subcultures within the Warhammer community. The second part of the puzzle was reacquainting myself with the Oldhammer community, which led me to diving back into 1e Rogue Trader 40,000. These things helped remind me of what drew me to WH Fantasy and 40K in the first place… the creativity. The flipping the bird to “Tradition” and doing it your own way, which speaks deeply to this Metal Punk Bastard.

Getting to know TheBlackKristy, the HobbyistGirl, the BloodyJackal and other fine folx in the Warhammer Community on Twitter helped to inspire me to buy the tools I need to get back into the hobby as an active participant. I cannot thank them enough.

Recently TheBlackKristy posted about some Chud bemoaning “Wokehammer”. It is funny that this “True Man” and WH fan is so bound by fictional and ever shifting CORPORATE IP canon to complain when GW (a for profit business) is chasing new customers trying to stay relevant in a niche market. The fact that some of these Chuds are at best “libertarians” and at worst actually Alt-Right 4Channers, doesn’t surprise me that they bemoan Female Space Marines.

If they were TRUE fans of Warhammer Fantasy and 40K, they would be well versed in the roots of these games. The early creatives that developed them were often Punx & Metalheads into 2000AD comics and other subversive media. The fact one of the things I remember best (even after DECADES) was the vibrantly painted Pink Space Marines in ‘EAVY METAL in the pages of White Dwarf.

The fact that the WH Fantasy and 40K lore morphed over the decades and editions SHOULDN’T be lost on these Chuds. They are so invested in their “Canon” lore that they freak out when anyone wishes to see themselves included in their favourite hobbies. The mere THREAT of Female Space Marines throws these Chuds into apoplectic fits and they start bitching and moaning of “Wokeness”.

What they don’t realise is Oldhammer WAS what is now referred to as WOKEHAMMER. Pink Space Marines, Female Space Marines, Imperial Beastmen squads and lampooning Fascists, Tories and Football Hooligans WAS 40K. Now that progressives, open Leftists (as myself), women, BIPOC and Queers (myself as well) are embracing (or in my case reembracing) the hobby it is only nature that we want our voices heard at GW and within the greater Warhammer Community. OLDHAMMER WAS WOKEHAMMER! I AM WOKEHAMMER! 40K Chuds can rightly piss off! Fin.   

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