Second Half of 2021 & Beyond: Update 2.0

Greetings, I hope that you are all well. I have been having a rough month, Mother’s Day and my mom’s birthday on the 22nd hit me hard. Anyway, I have an update to give you all; now let us get to it shall we. Also sorry for forcing you to reread a post, though you will glean more insight by doing so.

I am beginning to explore a variety of projects for my upcoming Publishing Company, which will be where I will offer small batch artisanal bookbinding, TTRPG products (under an imprint) and potentially indie/underground comix (again under a separate imprint). One project is doing a Kickstarter to fund a batch of custom D20 percentile (numbered 0-9 twice) and D8 (numbered 1-4 twice). Once I improve my digital mapping skills, I will likely offer cartography services (under yet ANOTHER imprint).

I am in no rush, as I still must 1) buy a domain, 2) register a trademark on the Logo and 3) potentially register the business; plus, I must get both TTRPGs to play testing stage and launch a Patreon to fund a professional editor and commission art for both TTRPGs.

I will likely not launch my Dice KS until January of 2022, thus not complicate my 2021 taxes. That all said, I will be working hard on the following during this, the second half of 2021:

  • The development of my Blender, Clip Studio Paint, Affinity Designer & Publisher skills.
  • Creating master files for D20 Percentile and D8 1-4 dice via Blender.
  • Commission art for my company’s logo.
  • Develop related branding for the company’s website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Continue developing the VAL KARTH TTRPG, to get it to play-testing stage.
  • Begin developing Bolters & Chainswords TTRPG, and hopefully also get it to play-testing stage.
  • Also develop a skirmish-based war game tied to Bolters & Chainswords, my homage to Oldhammer Rogue Trader 40,000.
  • Develop a line of Zine/Chapbook TTRPG and related supplements.

Concerning BOTH VAL KARTH, Bolters & Chainswords (and related projects) I have decided that I needed to reconsider the timeline of development and playtesting. When I initially decided to pursue the dream of designing and publishing a TTRPG my initial idea was for a zine-based game rooted in OD&D/Chainmail. Gradually over the last year and a half, the project morphed into something different.

Now VAL KARTH and the newer project Bolters & Chainswords are seen as full games, with their own systems to power them, this means a longer development phase and with my ADHD, an understanding chiefly for myself that because my brain works different than most, I must give myself some grace. Part of that grace is understanding though the projects WILL be completed, they will take longer to complete.

That leads me to the Zine/Chapbook project.

This project will help me: 1) learn to use Affinity Publisher, 2) learn bookbinding and 3) prove myself to my own self, as well as prospective customers I need something tangible to put out and show what I can do. This pandemic has shown me my limits and has helped me build my self-confidence.

I am going back to my initial plan, by creating a chapbook/Zine TTRPG and series of supplements. Though unlike my initial plan of having it rooted in the OD&D/Chain system, though the tropes will be there. I will be using this process to help finetune the system that will eventually power VAL KARTH. It also gives me a chance to investigate other similar Zine/Chapbook TTRPGs to gain inspiration, such as Rogueland by Caverns of Heresy.

Going forward I’ll not be posting about VAL KARTH or Bolters & Chainswords on this blog; though I will discuss the Zine/Chapbook project up until I launch my business website.

Now to the logo and branding bit.

I have an artist picked out for the logo design, the extremely talented Adam Archer. After first seeing his art, I knew that I wanted to commission him for something. The logo and avatar for branding were perfect excuses to do so. I already have the basic design developed; I just need Adam to replicate it in his own style. I also know what my publishing company will be called, so I am looking forward to getting a domain and trademark for it. Once I have all three things done, I will launch a website, blog, and other social media accounts for it.

I had been struggling with a company name for a while, and recently I fell back on my initial idea – and it felt right. The logo will be based on an OC of mine that will play the role of company mascot. I will post about her in a future missive closer to the launch of my site and business social media accounts.

To note, once the business blog/site is launched I will be posting all future updates concerning my TTRPGs, the dice KS, Patreon and other related news on them. This blog will go back to covering non-OD&D TTRPGs, Light Novels, Comix and such. Well, I got errands to run, so I will end this post now to get it published and shared. Please take care and be kind to each other. Fin.

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