Update time.

Greetings, I know that it has been a while and I will endeavor to post more frequently moving forward. In this update I wanted to discuss a few things concerning my projects. Work on both VALKARTH and BOLTERS & CHAINSWORDS are on hiatus until I figure out the basics of the Hex & Blade System which will power them. I also needed to get back into the head space that prompted me to get into TTRPG design in the first place. I got so wrapped up in being a Game Designer and Publisher that I put undue pressure upon myself. Coupled with a fear of disappointing dear friends BDG, Kerc, Diogo, Creative Spheres; amongst others I was wrecking myself mentally and creatively.

I have gotten to the point where I need to get back to what initially prompted me to design and publish games in the first place … my OWN joy. I wanted to create games I WANTED to play first and foremost. If others desired to buy and play them that was to be a pleasant bonus.

I am designing for myself and my future groups that I run games for. That being said, IF there is any real interest I will publish on demand by my own hands in both Chapbook/Zine/Pamphlet and Hard Cover formats. But it must be for ME first and foremost. I do not want to burn myself out or disappoint my friends if I end up failing at a given project.  

First on the docket will be the Chapbook Adventure Games:

Powered by MY Hex & Blade System:

  • WOLKOON: A Gonzo Cartoony Adventure Game inspired by Vaughn Bodé, James V. West & Wizards.
  • GRIMGARD: A Gonzo Cartoony Adventure Game inspired by Vaughn Bodé, Trent Kaniuga, Hollywood Monster Movies and Halloween art.

Powered by MY Original Edition inspired system:

  • RUIN DELVERS Adventure Game and the WORLD of EVAD’YRAK

MY Advanced Edition inspired system, and its linked Setting:

  • Xíphos ϗ Goéteia An Adventure Game Emulating Advanced Edition Play and Pangaian Adventures.

These projects will come before ANY OTHER project, or at least ANY future announced project (like VALKARTH and BOLTERS & CHAINSWORDS). I will keep notebooks filled with ideas for future potential projects, and only once the above is published will I discuss them on this blog and my Twitter account.

Both WOLKOON and GRIMGARD are the first Hex & Blade powered games I am developing for my personal campaigns. Each game has its own flavour, even though they use the same core system. Ruin Delvers is my emulation of OD&D and Chainmail; and its setting is informed by the implied assumptions found within their pages. As such Ruin Delvers is an EMULATION not a straight Retro-Clone of the source material as I am making some changes like getting rid of Clerics or more accurately, I am replacing it with a Warrior-Exorcists. Lastly, the setting Xíphos ϗ GoéteiaAn Adventure Game Emulating Advanced Edition Play and compatible with both AD&D and OSRIC; plus, the campaign setting Pangaian Adventures.

Well as it is 1:08am I think I will wrap up this brief update so I can get it published and shared. Please Take care of yourselves and be kind to each other. Fin.

Note: Edited to correct info on my games.

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