A Brief Update about the focus of this Blog

Greetings, in an effort to lessen my load I’ve decided to delete two of my other Geeky Blogs and resurrect another. My Forgotten Realms content will be fused to my newly rebranded Old Blog, whereas my Star Wars content will be posted here instead. Another change, is that I am no longer posting my game development posts here, as they will be now being posted on my Official Publishing blog Wódwulf Hús Publishing Blog that I’ll be launching once I get my branding done. As such my posts here will be focused on ALL of my geeky non-D&D centered hobbies, including TTRPG game reviews.

I will be posting here once a week moving forward on every Monday, whereas my future Wódwulf Hús Publishing Blog posts will be published on Wednesdays; and my Musings about Adventures in Classic Editions Play will be published on Fridays. I also, deleted my Personal Spiritual Blog as I launched it before it was ready and frankly I needed to figure out what I wanted it to be about. That said, it’ll be published either on Saturday or Sundays, depending upon my weekend scheduling.

Well this is all I have to say, as I have to finish the rebranding process on my Old Blog and make slight modifications to this one. I’ll also be contacting a few people to hire them to create logos and branding art for my Publishing company, its blog, and my Personal Blog today so I can get them launched in the near future. So as always take care and be kind to each other, and until next week. Fin.

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